Comparison of Fiscal Revenue and Expenditure in China and America[英语论文]

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 【Abstract】It is widely agreed that America’s financial system is superior to China’s in virtue of the developed economy while China lag behind. Therefore, this article is aimed to illustrate the two dimensions and structures and also offer some proposals of optimizing the expenditure structure of China through the comparison of statistics analysis about these two countries’ revenue and expenditure. 
  【Key Words】revenue; expenditure; China and America 
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  Governments can sometimes improve market outcomes. In order to make the whole country function well, the government need to raise revenue by taxation and spending. As a large part of a country’s economy, most is funded primarily through tax revenues from its citizens to cover future investment, acquisitions and transfer payment and so on. 
  二、The Analysis on Revenue and Expenditure Structure in China and America 
  1.The Analysis on Revenue Structure in China and America 
  Chart I 
  From the Chart I, we can conclude that in China, the majority of the fiscal revenue comes from the enterprises rather than its citizens. Then there’s no doubt that Chinese government serves for the capitalists for its immediate interest determines its policy orientation. Just on the contrary, America’s fiscal revenue relies on the individual income tax, that is, its citizens. According to a survey, the tax from those who earn more than $100,000 per year has exceeded 60% of the total income tax. 
  2.The Analysis on Expenditure Structure in China and America 
  Chart II 
  Chart III 
  Through the comparison of the Chart II and Chart III, we can recognize that the absolute number of America’s expenditure is always rising, while the relative number of that keeps balance. According to the exact statistics, the fiscal spending in America reaches $18.3 trillion in 2017 from $10.8 trillion in 2017. And its proportion of the GDP is floating around 12%. As for China, the two numbers both go up over these years,英语论文范文, ranging from 12.8 trillion yuan in 2017 to76.3 trillion yuan in 2017. Meanwhile, the proportion of the total expenditure to the GDP is also growing,英语毕业论文, from 16% to 22.8%. 
  Generally speaking, the low ratio of the China’s spending on social insurance cannot meet the increasing need of all its people, which goes against the smooth process of our country’s construction, and also weakens the macro-control of the national finance to normal economic operation. 
  In view of the above, the top priority must be put on the optimization of the expenditure in China, the reasonable transformation of government functions and switchover of the main part in the whole expenditure. 
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