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安东尼奥·穆尼奥斯·莫利纳小说中电影元素Movie elements in Antonio Munoz Molina's Novels


安东尼奥·穆尼奥斯·莫利纳(Antonio Munoz Molina)出身于1956年,八十年月早期开端从事文学创作,被以为是“68一代”以后、西班牙新一代作家傍边颇具作用力的代表人物。他曾屡次凭仗其著作取得各类文学奖项,包含于1988和1992年两度博得国度文学奖。不只如斯,他还在1995年成了西班牙皇家说话学院的一员。作为小说家和专栏作家,穆尼奥斯·莫利纳的著作自问世以来,便在东方评论界广受存眷,除西班牙外乡以外,欧美一些国度也出现出年夜量的学术文章和会议和专著。另外一方面,在我国,该作家的作用力虽已遭到普遍认同,但是其著作还没有中文译本,研究也不曾深刻睁开。本文试图经由过程剖析片子元素在穆尼奥斯·莫利纳小说当中所起的感化,为研究该作者、和其他受片子文明作用的西班牙现代作家的著作供给较为新鲜的思绪,同时代望借此惹起国际相干范畴对该作家及其著作的进一步看重。本文第一章起首解释了片子与文学两种艺术情势互相作用、互相渗入渗出的关系。起首,片子艺术在其成长早期,已经遭到文学、特别是十九世纪实际主义文学的启示;厥后,跟着片子艺术的成熟,它反过去丰硕了新一代作家的文学创作。文学与片子之间这类相通的特征,为我们运用互文性道理剖析穆尼奥斯·莫利纳的著作供给了可行性。互文性曾经成为现代艺术的一个根本特点。该实际以为,一切文本都与其他文原形互接洽,文本之间互为参照,彼此渗入渗出,西语论文范文,构成一个开放性的网状构造。以此作为终点,这一概念逐步扩大到了更加辽阔的范畴,使文学、片子等文明情势得以自在对话,令我们可以或许采用跨文本文明研究的办法来停止文学批驳。是以,在本文中,我们将穆尼奥斯·莫利纳著作中的片子元素视为互文要素,剖析其在文学创作傍边所起的感化。本文第二章引见了片子元素在西班牙现代小说创作中的整体运用情形,西语论文,解释了这一景象的涌现根植于其时的社会文明配景。1975年后的西班牙文坛,跟着专制统治的停止,社会气象的改变使得文学创作取得了自在空间,一系列受片子艺术作用的小说接踵问世,它们既是分歧文明之间互相交换的产品,同时也是现代西班牙社会与文明范畴阅历变更的成果。在第三章中,我们从文学与片子的互文性动身,采用文天职析的研究办法,选择了穆尼奥斯·莫利纳的三部代表著作:《贝尔特尼布罗斯》、《里斯本的冬季》、和《满月》停止了详细剖析。我们将小说中运用的一系列片子元素(重要包含“黑色片子”、“镜子”、“闪回”、“明暗对比法”、“配景音乐”、“客观镜头”等)视为互文要素,具体论述了它们在文学创作傍边施展的功能,并由此得出结论:片子元素在安东尼奥·穆尼奥斯·莫利纳的小说创作中起到了主要感化;将片子元素融入到写作傍边,是该作家著作的个中一个明显特色。跟着社会的成长,分歧文明之间的界线被逐步打破,艺术创作也随之睁开了新的远景。片子元素的应用之所以可以或许丰硕文学创作,这是由片子自己的特征所决议的:片子说话并不是是独断性的,而是具有灵巧性。借助视听功效和其他技巧,它在很年夜水平上扩大了文学著作的涵义,将其带入了一个更加坦荡的范畴当中。在穆尼奥斯·莫利纳的小说傍边,片子元素在塑造人物、重现片子空间及场景、时光的处置、营建氛围、和树立读者客观视角等方面起到了主要的感化,在增强读者与作者、读者与著作的互相接洽上施展了效率:起首,片子元素的应用使得小说中的描写更加活泼,加倍有助于读者的懂得;其次,读者的介入性、积极性和发明性获得了凸显;最初,片子元素在作者与读者之间搭建起一座桥梁,使两者发生了共识。总而言之,片子元素在小说中的运用理论了穆尼奥斯·莫利纳“读者至上”的文学理念,使读者成了文学创作的主体。


Antonio Munoz Molina Antonio Munoz Molina) was born in 1956, in the 1980s early head start engaged in literary creation, is thought to be representative of '68 generation "in the future, Spain to a new generation of writers sideways influential. He has repeatedly with the works made in various literary awards, including in 1988 and 1992 twice won the country literature prize. Not only that, in 1995 he became a member of the Royal Spanish speaking college. Since as a novelist and columnist, Munoz Molina works advent, and in Eastern critics widely concern. In addition to Spanish indigenous, some European and American countries also appeared a large number of academic articles and conference and monographs. On the other hand, in our country, the writer has been widely recognized, but the work is not Chinese translation, research has not been deeply open. This article attempts to through the analysis of the process of movie elements in the novels of Munoz Molina probation, to research the author, and other affected by the film civilization Modern Spanish writer works supply more fresh thoughts, at the same time a generation of hope take this cause the coherent category of the writers and their works, the further value. The first chapter of this paper first explains the relationship between film and literature of two kinds of art interact and mutual penetration. Chapeau, film art in the early growth has been literature, especially in the 19th century realism literature of enlightenment; later, along with the mature of film art, it past rich literary creation of a new generation of writers. This kind of communication between literature and film characteristics, for our application of intertextuality principle to study the works of Munoz Molina supply feasibility. Intertextuality has become a fundamental feature of modern art. The reality that, all the texts and other literary prototype interconnection consistent and text between each other reference, mutual infiltration, constitute an open network structure. This as the end point, the concept gradually expanded to the broader category, literature, film, and civilization situation can be free talk, so that we may use cross text culture study is the way to stop the literary criticism. Therefore, in this paper, we will film elements Munoz Molina works regarded as intertextual elements, analyze the effect on the literary creation. The second chapter introduces the overall application status of movie elements in Modern Spanish novels, explains this phenomenon is rooted in the time of the emergence of social civilization background. After 1975 Spanish literature, followed by the autocratic rule of the stop, the social climate change makes the literary creation free space, a series by the advent of the influence of the film art of novels in succession, which is not only the cultural differences between the exchange of products, but also modern Spanish Society and civilization category experience change results. In the third chapter, we from the start of intertextuality in literature and film by Wentian post analysis of research methods, choose the Munoz Molina's three representative works: the Bell Tenny Burrows, the Lisbon winter ", and" full moon "stop the detailed analysis. We will depending on the fiction of a series of films elements (including the "black film", "mirror", "flashback", "chiaroscuro", "background music", objective lens, etc.) for intertextual elements, discussed them in literary creation Bangbian display function, and thus draw the conclusion: movie elements in Antonio Munoz Molina novels play to the important role; the movie elements into the writing, the writer and his works medium a distinctive feature. With the development of society, the differences between the boundaries of civilization has been gradually broken, the artistic creation has opened new vistas. Movie elements using the reason may be fruitful literary creation, which is decided by the characteristics of the film itself: the film talking isn't is dogmatic, but with dexterity. By means of audio-visual effects and other skills, it on the very big level expanded the meaning of literary works, it into a more magnanimous category. In Munoz Molina novel Bangbian, movie elements in shaping the character and reproduce film space and scenes, the time of disposal, building atmosphere, and set readers the objective angle of view and play to the main role, in enhanced readers and authors, readers and works to connect each other consistent display efficiency: first and foremost, movie elements using the novel description is more lively, double have help understand readers; secondly, intervention, enthusiasm and creativity of readers obtained the prominent. Initially, movie elements between the author and the reader erected a bridge, so that the two consensus. In a word, application of movie elements in the novel theory of Munoz Molina "readers first" literary concept, make the reader into the subject of literary creation.