The Test Reliability and Validity of TEM[英语论文]

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The Test for English Majors-Band 8 (abbreviated TEM-8) is for detecting the implementation of teaching outline of English-major undergraduate courses. It has been organized by China Education Ministry and hosted by College Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee since 1991. The exam involves testing of English listening, reading, writing, translation and background knowledge. The Translation part is divided into Chinese-to-English translation and English-to-Chinese translation. Accounting for a high score in the exam (10% of the exam score), the Chinese-to-English translation is where examinees easily lose points every year. Because it is widely recognized by society that the exam justifies the examinees’ English ability, academic studies have paid long attention to the exam in recent years.

Although there has been academic research for the Chinese-to-English part among the domestic scholars, for example the comparative analysis of English and Chinese cohesion and translation strategy, the comparative analysis of English and Chinese semantics, pragmatics and discourse structure, the study of the test reliability and validity of TEM-8 Chinese-to-English translation (2017) is still vacant. The paper made questionnaire based on the exam questions of TEM-8 Chinese-to-English translation (2017), came to the reliability coefficient which is 0.98 (approximation) through testing method, and then evaluated the testing validity (high) according to the outline, the exam questions as well as the "language testing design usefulness" theory of Bachman (Bachman & Palmer) (1996). In the end, the paper summarized the usefulness of the Chinese-to-English exam questions on the basis of the results of reliability and validity, and also put forward its relevant suggestions and comments.

The result of this thesis will be a supplement to the literature on international advertising and be able to provide some reference for the corporations that enter Chinese market, assisting them performing better in the competition.

Key words: TEM-8, Chinese-to-English, reliability, validity, testing usefulness