How is Absolute Poverty Line Measured范文[英语论文]

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范文:“ How is Absolute Poverty Line Measured” 贫困一词在不同的情况下,被定义在不同的社会中。这篇范文论述了对于贫穷的定义,以及政府的硬度方法。贫穷是多层面的,它可以是绝对的或者相对的贫困,那些遭受绝对贫困的人无法保证自己生活来源。绝对贫困线是基于一定的营养,农村地区的每人每天2400卡路里。贫穷是这个时代最伟大的问题之一,必须解决这个问题。关于农村地区,英语论文,通过增加农业生产,提高生活水平和分配资源。下面的范文内容讲述了对于政府的消除贫困的方法。()

The term ‘poverty’ has been defined in different societies in a different way but all of them are conditioned by the version of minimum or good life to be obtained in society. Poverty is multi dimensional. It can be absolute or relative poverty. Those who suffer from absolute poverty have no guarantee that will be able to meet the fundamental cost of living as a human being. The World Bank has set the norm of 1 dollar per day per person for this purpose. The absolute poverty line is based on nutritional level is, defined as minimum requirement of

a. 2400 calories per person per day for rural areas.
b. 2100 calories per person per day for urban areas.

Poverty is one of the greatest curses of our time and we must find solution to this problem by increasing agricultural production, razing the standard of living and equal distribution of resources.

Some of the important measures taken by the government to eradicate the rural poverty in India are:

a. Twenty Point Programme (TPP) This programme was started in 1975 for poverty eradication and rasing the standard of living.
b. Antoyodaya Yojana to make the poorest families of the village economically independent. It was started in 1977-78.
c. Integrated Rural Development Project (IRDP) The main objective was to bring some sort of employment to rural poor through local resources. This programme was launched on 2nd October, 1980.

d. Training Rural Youth for Self Employment (TRYSEM) It was started on 15th August, 1979. This programme is for training rural youth for self employment.
e. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana This programme was launched on April 1989, for providing employment to rural unemployed.
f. Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) It was launched on September 1982, to provide suitable opportunities of self employment to the women belonging to the rural families who are living below the poverty line.

g. Crash Scheme of Rural Employment (CSRE) Started in 1972-73 for rural employment.
h. National Rural Employment Programme (NREP) Started in 1980 to provide profitable employment opportunities to the rural poor.

The best measure to eradicate poverty is to generate self employment among the people.()

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