How to Becoming a Teacher[英语论文]

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Traditionally, teaching was very important and often high professionalism of teachers defines the level of Education students receive. This is why it is extremely important to carefully analyze the experience of teachers’ work that can help better understand possible advantages and drawbacks of different ways of teaching which are characteristic of different types of teachers.
In fact, nowadays teaching methods and techniques may vary dramatically. Nonetheless, there are some universal values and basic principles that should be always taking into consideration while analyzing the work of a teacher or while becoming a professional teacher. Basically, in the current situation it is necessary to pay a particular attention to individual approach to each student in order to better understand the personality needs and demands of each student. Also it is necessary to develop essential social skills in the process of teaching to the extent that students could be socialized and become an integral part of modern society.
At the same time, it is necessary to remember that teaching is the two-side road where teacher and students constantly interact and influence each other. In such a situation, it is extremely important that teaching brought satisfaction not only to students but teachers as well.
Anyway, the major goal of each teacher should be the development of their students in accordance to the basic demands of the modern world as independent, intellectual, social, and responsible citizens. The basic goals of education and teaching in particular, may be achieved in different ways and in this respect, the effectiveness of teaching depends on a type of a teacher which may vary dramatically.
In such a way, in order to become a real teacher it is necessary to clearly understand all basic needs of students and demands contemporary teachers should meet.

2、Art and students development
Obviously, in the current situation the role of art in the teaching process and educating of students is extremely important and cannot be underestimated. It is necessary to underline that art should be an integral part of the teaching process because it is due to art students can develop in harmony and develop essential skills, acquire important experience and get accustomed to universal humanitarian principles and values which can really unite people and contribute to tolerance, equality and prosperity of human society.
This is why it is necessary to analyze the lessons of Mrs Cotter in a Junior Kindergarten classroom and Mrs Brandon in a Grade 6 classroom. Basically, both teachers use arts in their lessons that is obviously quite useful for the students development. It should be pointed out that in Mrs Cotter’s classroom students attempt to the abstractly painted black area near the center of Miss Judy’s painting. Basically, this activity is quite interesting and involving students to work. At the same time, it is really thought provoking and emotionally colored because students really want to participate in this activity and, what is more important, their creative abilities are involved since they should develop their creative thinking in order to qualify in their own way the visual information they see. In such a way, students have to develop their creative and critical thinking since to fulfill this task they should synthesize the visual information with th,英语论文题目英语毕业论文