A Study of Etiquette in Business Negotiation[英语论文]

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A Study of Etiquette in Business Negotiation


Abstract:Nowadays with the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, especially after entering the WTO, many of China import and export international business companies face more and more business negotiations. During a negotiation, both sides hope to obtain the maximum benefit, with minimum conflict of interest. The success of international business relationships depends on effective business negotiations. There are many factors lead to the success of the business negotiation, but the etiquette is the most important one. This thesis first introduces the Grice’s Cooperative Principle and Leech’s Politeness Principle,which influence the business negotiation’ success or failure, then presents some usual business etiquettes.


In addition, in the international business negotiation, We should pay special attention to the difference of transnational commercial etiquette cultures in commercial activities. This difference stems chiefly from different cultural traditions among different nations in the world. The thesis analyses cultural causes leading to business negotiation failure, and how to improve intercultural business communication.

Key words: Business Negotiation    economy    Business Etiquette  Commercial Activities     Cultural Difference

Etiquette in Business Negotiation



In the business negotiation, what to introduce, how to dress, and how to negotiate in various situations is vitally important to the success of business negotiation. And this article focuses on the etiquette in business negotiation and introduce the principles for business negotiation, they are Grice’s Cooperative Principle and Leech’s Politeness Principle which influence the business negotiation.And what is international business negotiation all about? Generally speaking, Negotiation means relevant parties can reach agreement and satisfy their needs or coordinate relations. And there are many factors lead to the success of the business negotiation, but the etiquette is the most important one. Etiquette is essentially about building relationships with colleagues, clients or customers. In the business world, business etiquettes can influence your success or failure. Etiquette, and in particular business etiquette, it is simply a means of maximizing your business potential by presenting yourself favorably. The suitable etiquette maybe takes a great benefit for you. International business negotiation is one of the most important international communication, meantime, we also know that cultural differences have many influence on international business negotiation, such as languages, manners, privacy, food custom, time, thinking, value and attitudes and so on. Actually, cultural differences are inevitable between negotiators from different countries. Cu